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  • Can I reach out to you about a family or friend I’m worried about?
    Yes, absolutely. Many of the people I work with are family or friends of loved ones that are substance involved or struggling with their mental health.
  • It must be hard the work you do. Isn't it depressing, bleak and discouraging? "
    I get asked this a lot. I find it to be the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Being able to witness my clients make positive changes in their lives and the ripple effect it has is very fulfilling. Moreover, when clients report they are making progress and they see the positive changes in themselves that’s the best result.
  • Are you available to speak at our company or event?
    Yes, I welcome the opportunity to speak at your company or workplace. I do lunch and learns, brown bag talks, seminars, webinars and workshops. I will work with your company’s budget and timeframe and customize a presentation for you.
  • What is Buster the therapy dog like?
    Buster is a super cute large Golden Retriever. He gets excited when greeting people at the door and can’t wait to see clients he’s known for awhile. He wags his tail, will give a paw and rest his head on people's laps. Buster intuitively senses when he is needed and will provide unsolicited attention in the form of asking to be pet or coming over to clients. People always remark on how soft his head is. Buster was born in 2008 and is he’s been working with my clients and their families since he was a pup.
  • What sorts of things would happen in our session other than talking?
    Other than talking we will review and amend treatment plans to align with progress and goals. We may practice a skill in session, do a meditation or mindfulness exercises. We will review homework when it’s been assigned. We may connect with other professionals as needed.
  • What do past clients say is the most valuable thing they leave with?
    Past clients say they leave with confidence, tools and strategies for improving their situation and the way they feel. They’ve often said they felt heard, validated and affirmed.

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