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Book New's...from Susan B. Raphael

This week Life to Paper publishing announced my upcoming book, "What's Wrong With My Teen". Thank you Life to Paper for being as passionate about helping people share their stories as we at Sustainable Recovery are about supporting individuals struggling with addiction and mental health concerns.

Please stay tuned for more book news. SBR 💜

Announcing Life to Paper's newest author....

“From homelessness and addiction on Vancouver’s east side to becoming a renowned mental health and addiction specialist in Toronto.”

Introducing Susan B. Raphael:

From a comfortable childhood to a harrowing teen crisis marked by addiction and concurrent disorders, she experienced the loss of all comforts, leading to homelessness in Vancouver’s east side shelters in her twenties. Finding her way to recovery in her thirties, Susan began her professional journey just six months later.

Decades later, she stands as a renowned mental health and addiction specialist, running a successful private practice in Toronto.

Amidst the mental health and addiction epidemic, heavily affecting teens, Susan has penned a guide to help parents navigate the struggles that come from having a teen in crisis — “What’s Wrong With My Teen?” It’s one of the most purposeful books Life to Paper Publishing has supported, making its way into the world this year with the understanding that this kind of help is desperately needed.

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