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As meetings are cancelled in response to directives it is important that people that need recovery supports do not feel isolated. This is is a time to connect in different ways.

This list provides links to meetings, recordings of speakers, online copies of the Big Book, and other resources.

Directory of online meetings:

Note: Some meetings require the Zoom app to work. You can find download information here (it’s free and safe!):

Apps with recordings of AA speakers:

AA Audio Companion:

AA Big Book Ultimate Companion:

AA Speaker Tapes & 12 Steps:

AA Speakers:

AA Speakers – Best of 2007: Google Play: AA Speakers – Bill W.:

Daily AA Speakers:

Daily Bread AA:

Joe & Charlie:

Speaker Tapes from Sandy B.:

Those who may have questions regarding A.A. Anonymity Traditions on digital platforms can review: the Conference-approved pamphlet, Understanding Anonymity and the G.S.O. Service Material Anonymity Online and Digital Media and the A.A. Guidelines on the Internet. Source

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